Croydon Cycling Campaign wristbands hit the streets…

Found a Croydon Cycling Campaign tag on your bike? This week Croydon Cycling Campaign have been getting the word out about who we are and our drive for a liveable city where cycling is a pleasant and safe experience which all ages and abilities can enjoy.

By reaching out to as many people as possible we can further grow our strength and influence and build up a cycling community that is strong enough for cycling to get the recognition it deserves from our politicians. We need people to know who we are, keep in touch, follow local cycle-related issues and hold the local council to account when they get it wrong.

Follow us on twitter, @CroydonCyclists or facebook, join our mailing list, come along to say hi at our monthly meet (always happy to see new faces) or drop us an e-mail if you’ve got any questions. Look forward to hearing from you!

Croydon Cycling Campaign