Croydon North Election Candidates Respond to Questions on Cycling

The CTC has been helping cyclists question their election candidates ahead of the 2015 general election. In Croydon North, responses have been received by Shasha Khan of the Green Party and Steve Reed of the Labour party. No responses have at present been received for Conservatives, UKIP, Liberal Democrats or TUSC.

Shasha Khan – Green

I started cycling again about 12 years ago when a friend gave me her old bike. Now I don’t know what I’d do without the option to cycle. I have campaigned for safer cycle routes in Croydon. In 2007 I took the then deputy leader, Coun. Dudley Mead, on a cycle ride to show him the dangers cyclists face. That action resulted in an island being put in on St James Park ( two way for cyclists but one way for cars). For the Green Party transport is about providing convenient and affordable access to places of employment and education, shops, health services, home etc. We prioritise active travel and public transport as these promote public health, reduce road danger and help clean up our air, making towns cities and villages into more pleasant places to live – leaving aside the contribution to minimising carbon emissions. In terms of CTC’s specific asks, our manifesto is not yet out but the Greens want to see a serious commitment to walking and cycling infrastructure – £10 per head is a drop in the ocean

Steve Reed – Labour

A Labour government will develop a National Cycling Action Plan to promote cycling and make it safer and more accessible.

We will also set national standards to reduce deaths and serious injuries, and act to make sure large vehicles like lorries are equipped to reduce the risk of collision. Young people and children will have better education in cycle safety.

Labour will also encourage local authorities to introduce 20 mph limits on residential roads where appropriate, which will make streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

We will also devolve power to local areas so they have greater control over transport spending, which will deliver better solutions for local priorities.

Glen Hart – TUSC
Measures can and should be taken to make roads safer, especially for cyclists. Blaming cyclists for recent accidents is a blatant attempt to put business profits before safety.

More cycle lanes should be built with physical barriers protecting them from other traffic. HGVs should be restricted. We need a plan for an integrated public transport system with much-reduced fares to encourage drivers to switch from cars to more environmentally friendly transport.

We also need massive investment in public transport to improve quality and reduce the costs. Money should be ‘no object’. This too would make roads safer for all users.

More than fine words to support cycling, we need a genuine commitment to stop cuts and to start investing in our future. TUSC, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, is proud to make that commitment. We know that there is plenty of wealth available to meet needs, including the development of greater cycle use, yet all of the main parties are committed to continuing with budget cuts if elected.

TUSC is a democratic coalition, which was set up to enable people like you and me – campaigners, socialists and trade unionists – to stand against the pro-austerity establishment parties.