The Most Important Opportunity For Croydon In A Generation

Boris Johnson and TFL have announced the most ambitious plans for cycling the capital has ever seen. Almost £1 billion is due to be spent across London, focused on rebuilding London’s roads to make cycling safe, convenient and inviting to people of all ages and abilities. The ambitious plans include a 15 mile separated cycle route across the centre of London, a grid of routes in the city centre dedicated to cycling and an outer network of quiet routes along residential streets.

However, Croydon could miss out on all this. These projects will not be of much use to Croydon cyclists. There is a huge amount of money available to outer London boroughs to invest in cycling but this money will all be focused on just three boroughs. That means Croydon will need to compete to be the borough that gets the investment.

Croydon is an obvious choice to be the focus of this funding. Croydon suffers from tremendous traffic blight, frequently exceeds air pollution limits, suffers terrible congestion, has had a run of tragic road deaths in recent years and about one in five children are obese. A safe network for cycling offers the opportunity to tackle all these problems in a single investment.  The population of Croydon is growing beyond what its roads could possibly sustain if driving remains the norm, and the trend away from car ownership is already showing with approximately one third of households in Croydon now not owning a single vehicle.

There are many who would not see cycling and walking become the normal for local journeys in Croydon, clinging to the car culture, to the status quo. Sadly, some of those are currently MPs and councillors. We need to do everything we can to get them to understand why this would be a fantastic thing for Croydon and that there are many of us who are passionate about this vision becoming reality. So I heartily encourage you now to e-mail your MP, e-mail your local councillors and urge them to fight for Croydon to secure this funding. An example e-mail is available on our forums, where you are also most welcome to share your own emails.

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