Croydon South Election Candidates Respond to Questions on Cycling

The CTC has been helping cyclists question their election candidates ahead of the 2015 general election. In Croydon South, responses have been received by Peter Underwood of the Green Party. No responses have at present been received for Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or UKIP.

Peter Underwood – Green Party
The Green Party is the most cycle-friendly party. We prioritise active travel and public transport as these promote public health, reduce road danger and help clean up our air, making towns cities and villages into more pleasant places to live – as well as their contribution to minimising carbon emissions.

In the long run we have to create a transport system that is socially just and addresses health inequality by prioritising affordable access to services by walking, cycling and public transport, by reducing road danger, by cleaning up our air and by minimising congestion.

To support walking and cycling in particular, we would ensure that pedestrians and cyclists get their fair share of road space. As set out in our manifesto this would mean an extra £0.9billion spent on walking and cycling in 2015 and then £1.8billion in each year for the rest of the parliament. Funding would be allocated flexibly to make safe, convenient routes that address the needs of pedestrians and cyclists while reducing any risk of conflict between them. (For further details our full manifesto can be found at

I have to confess that I am not the most active cyclist at the moment but on the occasions when I do get my bike out of the shed I do understand the comments of my cycling friends (and the comments on your Twitter feed) on how dangerous it is to cycle around Croydon. If you elect me as you MP I promise to keep the pressure on in Parliament, and with Croydon Council, to improve road design and facilities to encourage more cycling.