How Can You Help?

Attempting to get Croydon to change and become a place that’s welcoming to cycling for people of all ages and abilities can seem like a daunting task. However, it can be really easy to help. Below is a list of ideas, starting with the simplest, of things you can do that make a difference.

  • Come say hi at the Croydon Cycling Campaign monthly meeting
  • Start or join a discussion on cycling in Croydon on our forum, facebook or on twitter (@CroydonCyclists)
  • Re-tweet something relevant we post about cycling in Croydon on twitter
  • Comment on an article on our website or an article we place on a local media website
  • Attach a “space for cycling” placard to your bike
  • Find out who your local councillors are and e-mail or tweet them about cycling
  • Keep up to date with cycling issues and policy best-practice by reading specific blogs (hint: use feedly)
  • ‘tag’ some parked bikes with our wristbands
  • Arrange a meeting with your local councillor or attend their surgery to discuss cycling
  • Reach out to other cyclists, cycling organisations and cycling businesses and try to get them interested and involved in the campaign
  • Help add content to our website and keep it up to date
  • Respond to a public consultation
  • Raise the issue of cycling and our 2014 campaign at other community group meetings, such as resident’s associations, green groups, school forums, parents groups etc…
  • Write an article or blog post for our website
  • Develop specific ideas for improving cycling in your ward or along your route and let us know what they are so we can campaign together to see them implemented
  • Contact other cyclists at your place of work, start a group and get them interested in what we are doing
  • Write an article and get it published with local media: Croydon Advertiser, Inside-Croydon, Croydon Citizen
  • Develop new media and advertising material we can use to raise awareness of the campaign
  • Help organise and deliver a high profile campaign event such as a hustings, family event or campaign stunt

    and finally…Let us know if you’ve done any of the above by e-mailing or using the forum. When you take action it will inspire other people to do the same!