Permeability is the ability for cyclists to make their journey as directly as possible, with minimum diversions.  It is common in road design in Croydon currently to favour high speed diversions and one-way systems over shorter, slower, more direct routes. This is of course because the former is preferred by motorists.

For cyclists however, these high speed diversions are dangerous and a major hassle. To help increase cycling levels in Croydon, cyclists need good levels of permeability.  This means

– Returning one-way systems to two-way or allowing contraflow cycling

– Opening up existing paths to cycling which are suitable but which currently have restrictions on the use of cycles on them

– Opening up new paths to cycling where appropriate

In order to start campaigning for these, we need to first identify opportunities for this. Croydon Cycling Campaign will shortly start using cyclescape to start tracking these cases, in the meantime, we have a stub list below. If you would like to see this added too, please leave a comment with your suggestion. We would also be keen to know if you feel there are any roads that better serve cyclists if they remain one way streets.

Howley Road (In Progress)

Oakfield Road (In Progress)

Morland Avenue

George St

Park St

High St

Drummon Rd

Frith Rd

Tamworth Place

Altyre Rd

Westow St

Westow Rd

Church Rd